Motorized Solutions for Everyday Applications:
At the touch of a button, window coverings can be instantly adjusted to changing activities or varying sun conditions.

• Roller Shades
• Horizontal Blinds

Motorized Roller Shades  
Mariak motorized roller shades are available with either AC or DC motors. They have been designed to meet both U.S. and European electrical standards. Motors are available in several sizes, speeds, and lift capabilities for use with virtually any size window shade. The motors are fully encapsulated for greater shock resistance, along with quieter operation. The three central components of a roller shade motor are the Limit Switches, which regulate the top and bottom limits of the shade, the Brake designed for maximum strength and durability, and the Gear Mechanism engineered for versatility of lift speed output.

Automated Solutions

At the touch of a button, roller shades can be instantly adjusted to changing activities or varying sun conditions. Motorized roller shades are perfect for the following applications:

• Hardwire or Plug-In Radio Frequency (RTS) Motors
• Wirefree Battery Powered Radio Frequency (RTS) Motors
• Connectivity available to multiple motor control systems.
• Centralized technology creates a communication bridge with third party systems.
• Thermo Wireless Sensors allow for automatic operation according to the amount of sun and the temperature entering the room.
• Sun and Rain Tracking Sensors utilize RTS technology to track the level of the sun and amount of rainfall.
• The mylinkTM App turns smartphones into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products

Motorizing Window Coverings:
 Easily adjust hard to reach places: At the touch of a button, hard-to-reach window coverings are
 simple to control. With automation, it is no longer necessary to climb into the bathtub, reach over
 furniture, step onto a stool in the kitchen, or ascend a ladder in a two story foyer to adjust your blinds or
 Conveniently manage glare: Glare can be annoying while trying to watch your favorite television
 show, working on the computer, or reading a book. With automation, glare can be controlled at the push
 of a button.
 Effortlessly adjust window coverings: Motorized window coverings solve the problem of trying to
 adjust large or heavy shades and provide ease of use for the elderly or individuals with physical
 limitations. The tedious task of raising and lowering a group of window coverings is now simplified with
 Automatically protect furnishings: Many people too often experience the damaging effects of the
 sun’s UV rays on floor coverings, furniture, wall coverings, and artwork. With timer controls, window
 coverings can be programmed to adjust automatically at specific times of the day, in different areas of
 the building or home, protecting interiors from the fading effects of direct sunlight.
 Instantly create privacy: One-touch privacy helps create the ideal environment while in a conference
 room, a bedroom, or a bathroom.
 Reduce energy costs: Programming window coverings to raise or lower at certain times of the day
 helps to manage heat gain in summer months and heat loss during the winter, thereby reducing monthly
 energy bills.
Somfy Sonesse Ultra 50 AC & DC Motor:
Somfy Sonesse Ultra Brochure
Somfy Sonesse 50 4-6-10Nm RA Range 2
Somfy Sonesse 50 4-6-10Nm RTS Range 2
Somfy Sonesse 50 6-10Nm RS485 Range 2
Somfy Sonesse Ultra 50 RA&RH Range 2
Somfy Sonesse Ultra 50 RS485 Range 2
Somfy Sonesse Ultra 50 RTS SH&RH Range 2
Somfy System Sonesse Ultra 50

Somfy Systems

App Control
Harness the power of your favorite mobile device and upgrade to a convenient and relevant control option for Somfy-powered solutions.

Remote Access
Activate Somfy-powered applications even when you’re away from home with a single tap to maximize the many lifestyle benefits they provide such as energy savings, UV protection and privacy.

Timed Events
Schedule scenes to automate motorized applications on a seven day schedule so you can effortlessly enjoy their many benefits.

On-screen Setup Wizard
Intuitive installation and setup allows you to enjoy your myLink experience in a short few minutes.

Choose the best way to control your motorized applications with options such as individual control, group control, and more.

Controls all Radio Technology Somfy® RTS products including blinds, shades, curtains, screens, awnings, and rolling shutters as well as RTS enabled lighting devices.

For more Somfy myLink information, please visit

Somfy mylink Spec Sheet
Somfy mylink Tri-Fold

Automated Controls:
Controlling motors can be as simple as using a single wall switch operating one shade or creating fully integrated systems controlling shade motors in groups, sub-groups, and individually by use of:

• Remote control transmitters
• Wall Switches
• 24-hour timers
• Sun & Rain sensors
• Thermo Wireless Sensors
• Building maintenance integration devices

Motorized Roller Shade Exploded Diagram
Manual Roller Shade Diagrams & Accessory Options
• Motorized Roller Shade
• Motorized Roller Shade MB System
• Motorized MB Straight Coupler
• Motorized Roller Shade with Dual Fascia

• Headbox without Tile Receiver • Headbox with Tile Receiver
• Dual Headbox • Mount Strip Wall Hanger
• 5″ Closure Plate